Top 20 Search Engine Optimization SEO Tools Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is popularized, is simply the process of ensuring, that based on the visibility of relevant words and phrases, a website can be found on the search engine platforms such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. The ultimate concept of SEO is striving to get high ranking for the website, thus making it easier for the search engines to understand and trace the content.

Basically, SEO focuses on generating traffic for the website from ‘free’, ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ search results on the search engines. Search Engine Optimization strategizes to increase the number of visitors on the website by tracking the results through Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). The result generated primarily reflects the status on ‘titles’, ‘a short description along with the focus keyword’ and reference to the full version of the page.

Keyword Research Tools

#1 Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Details at

Details at

What is it? This is a free tool offered by Google in order to do basic keyword analysis.

What are the common uses? It helps in estimating traffic for keyword, developing new keywords list based on initial keywords and/or by combination of different keyword lists.

#2 UberSuggest


Details at

What is it? Created by an Italian SEO professional, it is a free keyword suggestion tool, which helps in leveraging Google suggest and other suggest services.

What are the common uses? It helps users in excerpting key phrases and suggests keywords, which later gets displayed in the list format and can further be used by the user.

#3 BuzzStream Meta Tag Extractor

Details at

Details at

What is it? It is a great tool to extract title tags, keywords and Meta description.

What are the common uses? Since, this tool can used to optimize a web page, so it serves to be one of the most useful tools, in optimizing competitor’s pages as well.

#4 Keyword Eye

Details at

Details at

What is it? As names states, Keyword Eye is an effective tool to do keyword research.

What are the common uses? Keyword research being a free tool helps in brainstorming of keywords for PPC and/or SEO campaigns and identifies what people are looking for in their respective fields.

Content Tools

#5 Copyscape

Details at

Details at

What is it? Copyscape is simply a tool, which keeps a check on a plagiarised (copied) content on your web pages.

What are the common uses? Copyscape serves as a plagiarism checker and points-out an unauthorized/copied content on your web page. It serves as a protection shield for your website.

#6 Siteliner

Details at

Details at


What is it? This tool helps in developing Siteliner reports on broken links, duplicate content etc. and examines pages by crawling each one of them, which are clearly distinguished in search engines.

What are the common uses? This tool keeps a check on duplicate content, broken links, skipped pages, XML sitemaps, internal page rank etc. and serves to be an effective tool for keeping a check on not just a single webpage but on multiple pages.

#7 SEO-Browser

Details at http://

Details at http://

What is it? Acting as an interpreter, SEO-Browser tool bestows you an opportunity to look at your webpage as it is shown to the search engines, without graphics/visuals, formatting etc.

What are the common uses? It provides an opportunity to the user to analyze how search engine interprets your webpage.

Technical Tools

#8 Google Webmaster Tools

Details at

Details at

What is it? Google Webmaster Tool is a free tool, which allows webmasters/web developer to keep a stringent check on webpage’s indexing and helps them in optimizing it.

What are the common uses? This free tool bestows detailed understanding and reports of website visibility. This tool can further be used for insights on keyword, traffic patterns, website speed metrics, and authorship statistics.

#9 Advanced Meta Tag Generator & Google Search Results Preview

Details at

Details at

What is it? This tool shows how search listing will appear in Google Search Results, once the Meta tags are manually given to the tool.

What are the common uses? This tool allows the user to download the screenshot of the search list (generated through the tool), which further helps him/her developing strategies and works as a report.

#10 Google Developer PageSpeed Insights

Details at

Details at

What is it? Google Developer PageSpeed Insights is an effective tool, which helps in quantifying and estimating the performance of a webpage on mobile as well as desktop devices.

What are the common uses? This tool measures the performance of a webpage on a scale of 0 to 100 points. A webpage gaining more than 85 points is considered to be running smoothly, as per this tool.

#11 GTmetrix


Details at

Details at

What is it? GTmetrix measures webpage’s performance based on the information, taken from PageSpeed and YSlow.

What are the common uses? This tool not only measures webpage’s performance but also bestows best possible solutions to fix the issues / errors appearing in the webpage, resultant of which it lowers the overall efficiency and performance of the same.

#12 Pingdom Website Speed Tool

Details at

Details at

What is it? Pingdom Website Speed Tools helps in measuring the performance of a webpage by keeping a check of loading time of all the web pages.

What are the common uses? This tool keeps a check on webpage’s loading time. It also bestows detailed performance report, average load time, and even the recommendations on how the webpage can work at a faster speed.

#13 Feedthebot

Details at

Details at


What is it? Feedthebot is a free tool and a combination of myriad tools, which further analyze webpage’s performance.

What are the common uses? This tool helps users in keeping a check on the performance of his/her webpage, based on Google guidelines.

#14 Seomator 

What is it? The solution crawls the entire content of a website and provides comprehensive analytics.

What are the common uses? Seomator offers how-to-fix tips regarding SEO elements such as: Content Quality, HTML Tags, Internal Links, Structured Data, Site Structure, Social Media, Backlinks & Organic SERP Presence.

#15 URI Valet

What is it? URI Valet is altogether a combination of 10 structured tools, which further helps in technical audits, site review, etc.

What are the common uses? It preview all relevant and important information of your webpage, including download speed, server headers, object details etc., which further depicts it in a form of graph and can be used by the user for his/her webpage’s analysis, in terms of download time and object size.


What is it? bestows an opportunity to the user to quickly develop robot.txt file, which guides search engines that which part of your webpage, they are allowed to index.

What are the common uses? This tool has a great feature of not just generating robot.txt files at a faster pace, but also allows them to exclude those areas of the webpage, which user don’t wish to get crawled by the search engines.

#17 Schema Creator

What is it? Search engines developed a structured data standard, which is known as Schema Creator bestows ample data, which helps you in building your own schema types.

What are the common uses? In an organization schema, this tools work as a helping hand for SEOs and Web Developers as it provides them the access to mark-up the information on their site, which is further referenced by search engines.

#18 XML Sitemap Inspector

What is it? XML Sitemap Inspector instructs search engines to index that area of your webpage which you wish them to index, through robot.txt file.

What are the common uses? This tools not only helps user in guiding search engines to index that area of webpage which he/she wish to get indexed, but also allow the user to download the validated Sitemap for further analysis.

#19 Site Condor

What is it? Site Condor tool is used for complete analysis of the webpage.

What are the common uses? This tool is used for extracting on-page data, doing analysis of aggregated results and keep a check on how crawling should run.

#20 Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit

Details at

Details at

What is it? Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit provides detailed report of the SEO audit.

What are the common uses? It helps in analyzing web pages and identifying areas of web pages, which can be further be optimized and help in enhancing the traffic.

Aware of any other SEO tool apart from the listed categories? Feel free to share with us in the comment section.

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